How to Draw Custom Shapes in Illustrator Tutorial for Beginners

How to Draw Custom Shapes in Illustrator Tutorial for Beginners
        Before we start with the tutorial, let us tell you that from today we are starting our new tutorial section on our website. We will be posting tutorials of adobe illustrator and adobe photoshop, under category of illustrator today we are posting our first post 'How To Create Custom Shapes In Illustrator' This tutorial is completely for beginners who have downloaded or purchased adobe illustrator, and who just don't know how to use it. Right now we are using adobe illustrator CC for this tutorial.

1) Open new project document as per info given below:
Start new project document as per info given below:
            Open new project: To open new project click file and 'new' in top left side of screen. then a new window will open, here you can set number of artboards, size, quality, color mode. or just select project from templates. We recommend to keep quality high (300 ppi). and hit OK.

2) Tools which we are going to use:
Tools which we are going to use:
            We are going to use 4 tools: To create shapes mainly 4 tools are used that are Direct Selection Tool, Pen Tool, Shape Tool and Pathfinder. To open Pathfinder Panal click on Window > Pathfinder. Now let see how to use this tools to make shapes and objects. Below after every step we will explain how that tool is used.

3) Using Shape Tool:
Using Shape Tool
              Draw rectangle: Click and hold on rectangle tool now extra tools will open, it has some basic shapes like rectangle, ellipse, star, Polygon now from them select 'Rounded Rectangle Tool'. Now draw a rectangle as shown above, fill that rectangle with nice blue color and no stroke (stroke is a border of any shape).

4) Using Pen Tool:
Using Pen Tool
             Draw triangle: If you click and hold on Pen Tool,you will see that it has 3 sub-tools that are 'Add anchor point tool', 'Delete anchor point tool' and 'anchor point tool' among them select Pen Tool, It is used to create vector shapes by adding anchor points, Using pen tool draw a triangle as shown above.

5) To Convert the type of Anchor Points:
To Convert the type of Anchor Points
             Convert anchor point: This step is just for your knowledge, you can try this step afterward (you may skip this step and go on 6), To convert anchor point take Direct Selection tool then click on anchor point which you want to convert and then click on curve button as shown above in picture. this was how you convert corner into curve and vise versa by clicking on corner button you can convert curve into a corner.

6) Using Direct Selection Tool:
Using Direct Selection Tool
              Move anchor point: Use Direct Selection Tool to move the Anchor Point. Take Direct selection tool, first click on point and then drag it to right side as shown above in picture. This is how the tool is used to move a single anchor point anywhere.

7) Using Pathfinder:
Using Pathfinder
              Merge two shapes into one shape: To merge 2 shapes we created, first drag the Triangle on Rectangle as shown above then select both the shapes and now here comes the main role of Pathfinder in our project, after selecting shape which we have to merge click on 'Unite' button in Pathfinder, this will unite our 2 shapes.
             Note: Pathfinder works better on shapes without stroke, it will work on shapes with stroke but you may get unexpected results. We recommend you to add stroke after using pathfinder.
All Steps after this are based on Pathfinder.

8) Pathfinder 'Minus Front' button:
Pathfinder 'Minus Front' button
              Using minus front button: Pathfinder has 10 unique buttons. from which we have used one button in previous step, now we are going to use 'Minus Front' button. From the name itself you can understand what we are going to do now. Let see how it works. First draw three rectangles of same size and fill it with grey color as shown above, now select all four shapes (1 blue shape + 3 Rectangles) and click 'Minus Front' Button on Pathfinder this will minus grey portion on blue colored shape. 

9) Done with our First Project:
Done with our First Project
             Created a nice Chat Icon: Here we are at the end of our tutorial, using 4 tools we have created a chat icon, right now we just used 2 buttons on Pathfinder. Using other buttons is also so easy, with more practice day by day you will be able to use these tools and create nice artworks. 

10) Conclusion- What we know at the end?:

              Refer the below table showing tools and its uses. 

Direct Selection Tool
To move single anchor point and also used to convert anchor point.
Shape Tool
It has some basic shape like rectangle, polygon,star and ellipse. Using some more tools with this you can create complex shapes.
Pen Tool
To create shape by adding or removing anchor point.
To create very complex shape by using 10 unique buttons. it has functions like combining, dividing, intersecting, excluding, cropping two shapes.

We hope, now you know how to make custom shapes in Adobe Illustrator also you may watch our video on YouTube on this tutorial. If you have any doubt please ask us in comments below.